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Connecting Developments with Safe & Reliable Transportation Options

Interconnecting Gulfport is a planned transportation project that will provide alternate routes for travel from U. S. Highway 49 from several points south of its intersection with Creosote Road and its interchange with Interstate-10 to north of Interstate-10.  In addition to other benefits, this project will provide an alternate route of ingress/egress from Prime Outlet Mall, whose only current access point is across a railroad crossing that services the State of Mississippi Port and then is connected to congested U. S. Highway 49.  This project will also create only the fourth other crossing of Interstate-10 in the State’s second largest City, and it will be the only such crossing in the City to contain dedicated bicycle/pedestrian access over the Interstate, and which will be in close proximity to the City’s sportsplex facility, located on the north side of the Interstate.  This project will also create alternate access to and from Landon Road and U. S. Highway 49 without having to travel through the over-trafficked current interchanges of Landon Road and U. S. Highway 49 and Creosote Road and U. S. Highway 49.  The project also assists with creating better and improved access for public health and safety concerns.

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